we haven’t met yet … but…

is this you?

You started your business to do work that you love. To make an impact in the world, while making good money. 

You started your business for the freedom, for the lifestyle, for the joy it would bring.

But you find yourself limited, unable to each clients across the world, because duh, you’re still struggling to get a good website up. One that truly reflects all that you are, and all that you can do for your clients.


hi, i’m richa. i’ve been called 

the website whisperer

I can look at a website and read the energy of the business, and the person, behind it. And the other way around too.

I can read your energy and help create a site that truly showcases your energy to the world. Side effects include better, stronger connection with your target market, and higher conversions.





Author. Entrepreneur.

Love to travel and explore new places!

Single mom to a teenager who’s now taller than me.

Working from home since 2014!

Virgo. INTJ.


3/5 Manifesting Generator.

Dog mom to the most awesome golden retriever!

Intuitive Healer. Energy Worker.

Currently live in Pune, India.

  • 1991 First DOS program
  • 1994 Created a Library Management System in dBaseIV
  • 1994-2000 Wrote hundreds of programs, in half a dozen different programming languages in college
  • 2000 Created first webpage. HTML was quite new
  • 2001 Got an MTech degree from IIT-Bombay
  • 2001-2014 Worked at the world largest semiconductor companies – Texas Instruments, Broadcom, nVidia.
  • 2007 Started blogging.
  • 2008 Started a Mommy Blog on WordPress.
  • 2009 Got 2 tech patents to my name.
  • 2010 Created my first business website – for the Ex’s gaming lounge. Also started social media marketing.
  • 2014 Started writing for Udemy – over 400 blog posts! Turned it into a copywriting firm. Got featured on all the best WebDev magazines.
  • 2015 Expanded into creating websites for friends-turned-clients from (Marie Forleo’s) BSchool.
  • 2017 Created Website-In-A-Box + Website Bootcamp.
  • 2018 Grew into helping clients with online marketing strategy. 

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    Honestly, I always have trouble talking about myself!

    I hate defining myself or putting myself in a box. Because I don’t fit in.

    INTJs make up just two percent of the population, and INTJ women are especially rare, forming only 0.8%

    So I’ll just share what “they” said about me – the personality type experts, and my clients!

    Here’s what 16Personalities says about INTJs:

    They easily take in complex principles and techniques and change them into clear and actionable strategies. No other personality type comes close to their ability to assess and organize concepts.

    Architects can usually sort out the “noise” of a situation. They then find the core thread that needs to be pulled to unravel messes – which they then put back together again. In the process, they produce the most elegant solutions to problems.

    Skilled at hacking anything life throws their way, Architects are able to break down and learn from almost any system. They then use the ideas found there wherever they’re needed.

    Here’s what the Human Design System says about 3/5s:

    The strength of those with a 3/5 profile is to say, “Ok, I finally found something that really works and serves life. But let’s dispose of everything that doesn’t work because I have discovered all the things that don’t work so you don’t have to work your way through the process of trial and error. And I’ll show you immediately how you can implement it practically in your lives.“ These people are capable of initiating a profound transformation within a society, and they don’t give up. They are brave, resilient, have lots of endurance, and you want to have them around when the shit hits the fan.

    I signed up for a session with Richa as I had hit a wall with my current website. I was hitting so many issues which I just didn’t have the skills or knowledge to work out.  I was overwhelmed and I knew I needed help.

    Richa was such a delight! She listened patiently to my rambling and frustrations, and very quickly had a clear picture of where I was and where I wanted to go.  She gave me clarity, direction and clear action steps, enabling me to make decisions and move forward with so much more confidence. 

    Best thing about working with Richa? Having her eyes on my website! She saw issues and problems with layout and flow that I hadn’t even realised existed.  She really knows her stuff and left me feeling really supported.  Would I work with her again?  Absolutely!

    Theresa Voigt


    I chose to work with Richa due to her personable nature and down-to-earth approach. She is not only professional, yet gets to the heart of what you personally need.

    The look and feel of the new website is very professional, yet personally captures the new style of work that I do.

    The expectations were not only met, they were exceeded, especially with time.

    All timeline and deadlines were met or exceeded - in fact, Richa worked faster than I did!

    This website was the fastest website that's ever been built by a professional designer, of which I've had a few previously.

    Renee McDonald

    Director, Educator & Therapist, AOTT

    I wanted a site that reflected who I am. I came from a corporate background, and while my site was fine for my book keeping services, it didn’t reflect me or the real value I provide. I wanted simple modern elegant lines – a breath of fresh air really.

    I had a vision in my head.. in my mind, and no way of bringing that out on screen – but that’s what you’ve done for me! You’ve brought it out from my head to the screen!

    …. Now, it shows my personality. When people are coming to work with me now, I’m doing much more than book keeping. I’m doing 1:1 mentoring, around finances and money, and coaching women in business – those women are able to look at my website and see who they’re going to be working with. They get an idea of not just the type of work I do, but also the type of woman I am, and how I like to work.

    Cindy Taylor

    Money Mentor

    "People who know me both here in Australia and back in the UK, people from both countries have come back and told me that this is so me. It speaks volumes about me as a person. The warmth, the love, the vibrancy… it’s totally reflected ME! You listened. You worked out who I was as a person and that’s what you’ve reflected in the website! "

    " You made me believe in what I do! I’ve been doing this work for 27 years. And I had the same old same old same old words!  You put that passion back in to my work! “OMG, This is why I’m doing this!” And I realize I do these readings, I do these workshops, I do these events – but really …. teaching is my passion! You helped me uncover my passion! "

    Val Hood

    Psychic, Medium

    Richa is awesome!  I first met her when, after working with another web designer, I had a draft website for my fertility coaching business that I knew was sub-par.  I personally was uninspired by this site and knew that it wouldn't best represent my business.

    Richa offered to do an audit of this site for me, gave me such relevant and useful advice that I knew I wanted her to build a new website for me.

    In just a week's time, she created a website that was not only far superior to the website from the other designer that I waited five months for, but a website that I'm proud to showcase. 

    Stephanie Roth

    Fertility Coach, Your Fertile Self

    Before we started, I was concerned that my website would never represent me at the higher level that I am taking my business.  I am working really hard to take my online presence to the next level -  and now I FINALLY have a website I am truly proud to show off!  It took Richa just 4 weeks to help me completely re-brand my website!
    The one thing I liked the most about working with Richa is that she struck the perfect balance between getting my website up quickly and making sure it showcased my passion for helping my clients. 
    I'd recommend Richa to anyone who'd listen!
    Michelle Roberts

    Textile Maven & Coach, Technical Textile Solutions

    As a professional organizer, I'm in the business of moving my clients from a state of overwhelm to a space where they can breathe and create and find abundance.  But when it came to my own website, I was completely overwhelmed!  
    I knew what I wanted to communicate to my clients in my head, but I didn't know how to use my website to do so.
    In desperation, I reached out to Richa and she delivered!  She listened and learned about my business and was able to take all of my jumbled ideas and create a beautiful website that speaks to my customers; a website that transitioned me from overwhelm into a space of creativity and abundance.
    Dorena Kohrs

    Professional Organizer, Breathing Room

    Firstly the grace and ease Richa bought to the technical difficulties was heartening, such a patient manner. She then went through my website page by page and gave me such valuable information on what wasn't working and how it could work from a marketing perspective. Richa was so accessible and so was the language she used. The session was incredible practical. I know eaxactly what I need to do. I would recommend Richa, she is skilled, kind and generous.

    Judy Baderle

    Art-Meditation-Ritual, Australia, Jude Baderle

    I loved working with Richa! She was totally approachable, direct without being intimidating and 100% spot on in her assessment of my website. She absolutely hit it spot on and opened my eyes to other aspects that could be improved I hadn't even thought of. If you're not sure why your website isn't converting or pulling traffic, I'd definitely recommend working with Richa!

    Moniqua Plante

    Health & Wellness Coach, The Plante Life

    Richa was thoroughly professional, diligent and assuring. I appreciated working with someone who both personable and professional. 
    She has this ability to connect.. She listened, understood my vision and needs and then translated it into practical solutions. 
    The one thing I like most about working with her is that she brought great clarity to the situation and worked toward the solution. She explained each part of it, giving me a practical timeline.  
    Azah Mulchand

    Coach, TravelSri

    Ready to join these happy clients and

    get a gorgeous new website - that helps you sign up paying clients?

    Monika Hoyt, monikahoyt.com, USA

    " I feel like I'm empowered. I feel like it's not that hard..I can tell the difference now between something I have to pay somebody for and things I don't have to pay. I am surprised to know how much I can do myself!! " 

    "Her bonuses were almost double the content!!! And the content itself was amazing!"

    "She knows what to prioritize - and what to leave out!"

    "She's super encouraging but keeps you accountable. She kicks your butt, she reaches out, she supports you.... she has her finger on the pulse of where you're at and what you need but at the same time, she's empowering you really to find your own way." 

    "It's not just about the tech - it's about your message and how to make that short and sweet so that when people come to your site, they get it right away. It's all about packaging what you offer......."

    She helps you cut to the chase!"

    Kimberly Leneghan, misfitnutrition.com, USA

    Back in 2016, Kim hired me to create her website - that she totally loved! But... as her business focus changed, she knew this time around, she wanted to learn how to do it herself and signed up for the first live round of the Website Bootcamp. In her words:

    " Richa is all about tough love. She asks just the right questions to make you really think about your business and to be a 100% clear."

    " For 3 weeks she drilled us and helped us to make our websites just the way we want... asking us those tough questions that you don't want to answer - but being in business, you have to."

    "She knows how to really take you out of your shell."

    Amishra Shrimanker, amishashrimanker.com, USA

    When we first met, Amisha was on fire! She wanted to get her website up and running - FAST! But.... in her own words.....

    "I am severely tech challenged person...how am I going to make a website in 3 weeks!?!?

    Plus I don't have any branding, any photos, how am I going to pull this off in 3 weeks?!

    Richa addressed these concerns from the get-go. She walked us through click-by-click - not just the tech issues but how to take professional looking photos with a selfie stick..."

    "she tells how to create your own brand... what kind of copy works best for you.....

    The hand holding, the accountability, the community that Richa brings to this Bootcamp is just unseen anywhere!"

    Amy Yates, authenticdentistry.com, AUS

    Amy was a self proclaimed techno-phobe. And then she wow'd me by creating a gorgeous website - in 3 weeks - for her husband's dentistry business! 😉  In her words:

    "I went from having "nothing" to having a full fledged website that is bringing customers into my dentistry business - in just 3 weeks"

    When you're new... you don't really know... what you don't know.

    Who would've thought a "tech" course would tell you how to take your photos, about light, about what colors to use.... Richa does all that! 

    One of the best part of this course is that it has attracted incredible business women from across the globe...and I'm thrilled to be part of.

    If you want something your clients can really connect with, if you want to be in control of your website ..sign up for the Website Bootcamp!"

    Tamsin Young, tamsinyoung.com, AUS

    "....what I absolutely loved was the templates! I didn't have to think about what to write, where to put the headings, or the images.. it was all laid out there for you and it gave you a starting point....

    The videos were very explicit and easy to follow.

    What I really enjoyed were the live calls.. you learn so much from what other people are doing....I found it to be very helpful.

    to be able to have that knowledge of how to set up your website...... gives you that confidence that it's not that hard....

    The FB group she has is so amazing.....enjoy being welcomed into a sisterhood of women ready to go out there and change the world"

    Ready to join these happy clients and

    get a gorgeous new website - that helps you sign up paying clients?