Who: Cindy Taylor, Money Mentor for Women Entrepreneurs, Australia.

Our Work Together: Website Audit, Website MakeOver ( )


Cindy Taylor is the Money Mentor for Women Entrepreneurs. An accountant by profession, Cindy has more than 25 years of experience in financial services.  When our paths first crossed, Cindy was in a state of flux. She was looking to shake things up in her business.

After running a successful bookkeeping service for years, Cindy was coming to realize the real value she brought to clients wasn’t just around the numbers – accounting and taxes. Her sweet spot really was helping women business owners understand and build a better relationship with their money. And as she stepped up to own this, she wanted a website that reflected not just the new direction for her business, but also who she is as a person.

“I wanted a site that reflected who I am. I came from a corporate background, and while my site was fine for my book keeping services, it didn’t reflect me or the real value I provide. I wanted simple modern elegant lines – a breath of fresh air really.”


Cindy initially signed up for a website audit with me – which turned into a full business audit of sorts. I could see the disconnect between what her business had been till that point, and the struggle within her – of how to step up and help women beyond just the numbers; how to bring her whole self to the table – not just a straight jacketed accountant.


It took a few months for the ideas to take root and mature; and Cindy came back for a full website make over. In Cindy’s words:

“That was actually a self development course that I undertook when I started the work with you!”


How does she feel about her new website:

“I had a vision in my head.. in my mind, and no way of bringing that out on screen – but that’s what you’ve done for me! You’ve  brought it out from my head to the screen! “
“…. Now, it shows my personality. When people are coming to work with me now, I’m doing much more than book keeping. I’m doing 1:1 mentoring, around finances and money, and coaching women in business – those women are able to look at my website and see who they’re going to be working with. They get an idea of not just the type of work I do, but also the type of woman I am, and how I like to work. ”


Cindy’s target audience was predominantly women. And women are more visual. We like to see and know who we’re working with. And so we insisted on using photos of Cindy in all the header images. On her About page, instead of the formal bio, I insisted she write about her life’s journey – because each of those experiences had shaped who she is today, and how she helps other women entrepreneurs.

“ Now, I really have MYSELF out there. That was a bit of a struggle and that’s where you really gave me the confidence to be a little more visible myself and put myself out there to the world.
I’m authentic when I’m working in my business 1:1, but to actually have that up (on my site) and have that going out to the world – took a big leap! And you were a great support in getting me there Richa! Thanks for that!”


Cindy and I share some very strong views about the role women entrepreneurs play in bringing about social change.

“That whole world of female entrepreneurship, it’s all about personal development and evolving.”
“I feel very strongly about women getting a grasp on their financials, because we are the ones that are going to show the way for the future!
Women in business – we’re going to employ other women, we’re going to pay dollar for dollar, not 77 cents a dollar!
With the money in our business… we’re going to be able to make a lot of social change.”


Watch the full conversation with Cindy:



  • How do you know when it’s time to change your website [1:11]
  • How a great website changes the way you feel about yourself and your business [3:08]
  • How starting your own business is always a journey of personal development [4:45]
  • #HowMomsWork moment – when my son decides to barge in and do a dance around me – and we continue to talk about how women have been traditionally excluded from the whole money conversation [6:35]
  • How women in business are bringing about social change, one step, one woman at a time [8:03]

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