Stephanie Roth: Fertility Coach

Stephanie first got in touch with me for a website audit. She felt her current website didn’t quite reflect the work she did and what she brought to the table. Her work focused on helping couples improve their fertility and chances of conception through natural methods. This is what her site looked like at that time:

Old Site

We started from ground zero.

Zero’ing in on what was the message she really wanted to take to the world and re-framing her entire business around that.

With her current site & branding – it just wasn’t clear what she helped people with. The banner talked about a healthy lifestyle, but the menu pointed to some kind of Fertility related stuff.

What Stephanie really wanted was to help people who are trying to conceive, improve their fertility and chances of conception, by changing their lifestyle – healthier living, healthier eating.

I coined the term “Fertility Coach” to describe her work. It felt strange to her at first, but in the months since, its come to represent her work and her brand well.

From there we took it further and built her site around pink & blue baby colors. Graphic work included creating all the headers, banners and other graphics to reflect her new branding.


Here’s what she said when she first saw her new “About” page:



Strategy Session:

Like so many of us, Stephanie is a momprenuer. Her son’s still I the toddler years. Which means things are hectic. Running behind the kid, juggling her day job, managing house – while she’s trying to build her business.

We put together a Marketing/Visibility plan for her, which breaks Everything up into bite sized steps, listing exactly what she should be doing, for how long, every day/week/month towards her marketing efforts.

Her take on it: “Thank you so much for a really informative and information-packed session last night!  There’s a lot to do to get going, and the info you provided will really help me put some systems in place that I sorely need. 

I really appreciated the breakdown of how to spend an hour every day.  That is really useful for me.  I also like the incremental approach, and how you broke everything down into small, manageable chunks, and the idea of doing something, no matter how small, every day toward getting my business running. 

Thank you so much for all this practical, wonderful counsel! “

Visit the live site [Note: the live site may change over time => so, say 1 year later, it may look diff from the image above!]

I quickly learned that Richa is a true gem – for not only does she have the technical savvy to build a powerhouse website, she has the marketing skills to develop compelling content and strategic thinking skills to really leverage a website to be a super powerful tool for any business.  
Richa just “gets” what you as the client want, and need.  She’s a web expert, a marketing consultant and a business strategist all rolled up into one.  This is a rare skillset to have, and Richa pulls it off with aplomb – such an incredible asset to any business owner. 
You will be glad you worked with Richa.  She’s an asset for any online business. 
Stephanie Roth

Fertility Coach, Your Fertile Self

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