Why Most Business Advice Doesn’t Work For Women

EmpowHer’d Conversations with Richa Jain,
Business Strategist & Mentor, India


Most of the Business and Career advice out there DOES NOT work for women. Instead, it sets them up for failure.

Women don’t quite realize that until it is too late. Or sh!t hits the roof.

Whether it’s the corporate world or the business world; whether it’s Yoga or seat belts, the “default” is designed for men. At the very best, they add on a touch of pink for women.

In this conversation we remove those blinkers. We talk about how women are ‘different’ from men and how to embrace and leverage our ‘differences’.

We cover

  • Why most career advice doesn’t work for women – esp the higher up the ladder you go
  • Why most business advice and courses ALSO doesn’t work for women – they fall flat
  • Why so many women are leaving corporate and starting their own businesses
  • The real issues holding women back in corporate & business; and why more trainings and advice directed AT women is not going to help.
  • What to do instead.


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About Richa Jain, Business Strategist & Mentor, India

Her Bio: Richa Jain is fiercely compassionate Business Strategist & Mentor to Women Entrepreneurs. She helps women turn their passions, their purpose, their skills into a thriving online business. Part business strategist, part life coach, part spiritual maverick,  Richa works with emerging and established women entrepreneurs, helping them design and build a business that is the truest expression of themselves, without the hustle.

Her Journey: After 13 years leading many cutting edge projects in the semiconductor software industry, and  2 US technology patents, she opted out of the corporate world, to experience life on her own terms. She how works from her home office, in the hills, helping women across the globe create creating businesses and lives that are less about hustle and more about showing up authentically in the world.

Her Quirks: Outdoors kinda gal, who’s (almost) solved equations to black holes and singularities; a Dr Who fan; and crazy enough to live in India as a single mom.

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