The Pre-Story:

Azahji already had 2 sites running for his travel business. But they looked dated and more importantly, were impossible for him to edit. His major frustration was each time he tried to change even one word – the entire page layout would go crazy. He wanted a way to combine his two separate travel sites – seamlessly.

The Website Work:

We came up with a way to present the “Do It Yourself” travel form, right along side the “Done for You” form – to make it easier for folks to choose which ever option they prefer; and yet make the fixed Retreats stand out.

The main challenge really was getting the right kinds of images to convey the essence of the packages, the retreats and the overall message behind the site. Even after a lot of search, most of the images he could get were “square” and not suitable for the sliders or headers. We both spent more than a few weeks trying to source the right images.

The Silver Lining:

Finally I was able to help him locate images that were aesthetically close to what he wanted, and worked some photo editing skills to get them to fit the headers & sliders. Not perfect – but good enough – to get us off the ground; or at least until he’s able to source just the right ones.

What He Said:

“After my last experience – I did not want to work with another web designer. The last one really messed things up. They were not communicative, dictated the design build etc and took over 6 months to deliver a site I wasn’t happy with.

Working with Richa was a surprise, and stark contrast. Richa was thoroughly professional, diligent and assuring. I appreciated working with someone who both personable and professional.

She has this ability to connect.. She listened, understood my vision and needs and then translated it into practical solutions. 

The one thing I like most about working with her is that she brought great clarity to the situation and worked toward the solution. She explained each part of it, giving me a practical timeline. When I got stuck with the travel widgets and Graphic frustrations, she bailed me out.
And though I’m new to technology, she showed me how to work with the Divi theme and get comfortable with it. I can now make any edits as I feel like! “
Visit the live site [Note: the live site may change over time => so, say 1 year later, it may look diff from the image above!]

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October 9, 2015