August has been an incredible month for me. So so much learning! So much growing.

Yes, I heard it was the season of eclipses and lots of things happening with the planets. But I don’t understand all of that.

What I do know is that when you feel the fear, and do it anyway, miracles happen.

Take me for example – in July I just ‘felt’ I had to create and run a Website Bootcamp. Though it was way out of whack with the rest of my business model. Though I hadn’t run a group program before. Though I strongly believed that the best route to progress and results in business is through 1:1 mentoring….

I won’t deny it – I was scared as hell. I was scared about the direction it would take my business in. I was scared about how I’d lead so many women in an online environment.

But once I stepped up and decided to go on IN SPITE OF THE FEAR…. I love how things unfolded! It took on a life of it’s own.

It felt like the women who came to the Bootcamp were hand picked. Just right.

And just ready for change.

Though the Bootcamp was about websites – it turned into much much more.

It was a journey of personal transformation. For everyone. For me. For the participants. We all had to go way beyond our comfort zones.

For me, my struggle was around creating the content – believing that I am good enough, that the videos are good enough, that I’m ‘leading’ them the right way.

For them it was about realizations – uncovering WHAT their business is all about. And WHY they were hiding all this while. Of facing WHO they really are and WHAT they really want to do.

And yes, they did learn about wordpress and divi and branding and graphics and seo. But more than that they learnt to believe in themselves; that their work is needed; and that the essence of any business is the connection, the bond you have with your audience; that it’s OKAY to show up real and raw, as who you really are, with all your imperfections – as long as you show up.

And they learnt it by example. Because that’s how I showed up. And that’s why they loved me. For my ‘humanness’. For my fierce compassion. For the way I held space for them.

Here’s what they said:

Why am I sharing this? Just to show you – that people are out there waiting for YOU to show up. To show you that no matter how afraid you are, or how inconsequential you think you are (I struggle with the Imposter Syndrome BIG TIME!) – there are people out there who need YOU.

None of those words you see up there would have happened if I hadn’t done this IN SPITE of my fear.

None of the transformations that I’ve had the honor of being part of would’ve happened if I had sat with “oh but this doesn’t fit in to my business model”.

Who you are shows up in ALL that you do.

Though I was there to teach them through a website bootcamp – what I REALLY did is to hold space for them. Hold space for them to become who they really are. And to anchor that in to their business. It is the same thing I do with my coaching clients.

All of that to say – stop worrying. Stop over thinking. Stop trying to be perfect. No one needs you to be perfect. No one wants you to be perfect. But ….. there are people out there who need YOU. Real and raw. Just as you are. People who need that special gift, that only you have.

And I can’t tell you the JOY, the satisfaction, the fulfillment that comes from being a catalyst in another’s transformation. The pride you feel when your students, your clients rise and shine and step in to their power.

The question is: Are you up for it?

Or you going to stay small, play small, in fear?

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