The Pre-Story:

When we first connected, Tracy was just starting out in her coaching practice helping executives go ‘From Burnout to Brilliance”. After a decade plus in the corporate world in various leadership positions (aka extremely stressful), she’d experienced severe medical issues and burn out. Over the last few years, she’d taken back control of her life, and bounced back from burnout. Now she wanted to help other people on the verge of burnout, bounce back into their zone of brilliance.

The Strategy Sessions:

Tracy was teaming with so many ideas and ways to help her clients – but how do you turn it into a viable business and not end up just coaching everyone for free? Over a few initial strategy sessions, we narrowed down her ideal clients – who she could best help, and who she’d enjoy working with. We discussed her client’s pain points, what they’d need most immediate help with, where they are at this point in their journey, what’s the best way to reach out and connect with them, where do they hang out, what’s the best format etc.

Together we created her optin, her packages and mapped out a high end VIP day package.

Tracy was also new to the online business world, so we also covered the best ways to get visible online, how to leverage Facebook, LinkedIn and other online outlets; what kind of posts, how to track them with a “Visibility Plan” workbook to help her stay on track.

The Website & Branding Work:

Tracy was experimenting with a few names for the domain. We narrowed it down to so she could leverage and build her personal brand.

For the site branding and colors, we wanted a relaxing, open feel for the site. For visitors to feel this instant relief when they landed on her site. We looked through few color options, to come up with this calming combination of blues and a green for highlights.

We were all set to go. But.. once her photoshoot came in, it was a bit of a damper. She wasn’t too happy with the photographs; felt they didn’t match the color scheme, and were just a wee bit stiff. Her second photo shoot was all fun outdoor photos. I was bit disappointed because none them – from either shoot – were the right dimensions for websites. You couldn’t really scale/crop them to get a good hero shot or header image.

But Tracy is a perfectionist. And so am I. No point having a site up – if it’s just not you. So we got to working in a good amount of graphic and image editing magic and finally got images we were happy with, and that complimented the flow of the copy and the layout.

Along the way, along with the landing page and eBook for her optin, we also created her logo, an online signature, set up her MailChimp account & auto-responders etc… just in time for a major conference that she wanted to capture leads from.

BUT.. she wanted things done just right.  Even if it meant she’d have to wait for another photo shoot and would miss out leads from the conference.

The Silver Lining: I was able to salvage some of the photos, tweak the color scheme a bit, and use them in way that created flow and connection.  She was thrilled when I showed her the results!

Her Words:

Oh, somewhere in between I also went in and edited / rewrote much of the copy for the landing page. Her reaction “Oh Yeah! That sounds waaay better! I knew you’d just take care of it

About our Strategy Sessions: “Working with Richa has been a game changer. Her ability to connect the dots and to go deep in our strategy session allowed me to identify my ideal client and develop my brand marketing. She inspired me to get out of my comfort zone so my business could flourish! Richa over delivered on our strategy sessions!!

Brainstorming about opt-in choices: ” Love it!!! Love how you have that intuition for your clients!

After a call on a particularly stressful night: “Before our call I was feeling stress and anxious. I was concerned I was not going to get the project done on time, I was worried I was going to have to spend more money on another photoshoot with a new wardrobe. In the end I was extremely happy and relieved you worked your magic and made it all work! The end product was great!

On showing her how to edit the page so she can make changes on her own later :  “Oh no, why would I ever want to change it. It’s just perfect the way it is!“.

Visit the live site [Note: the live site may change over time => so, say 1 year later, it may look diff from the image above!]


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March 3, 2016